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Collections are the best way to organize your fonts by your own criteria and without changing original fonts location for separate user accounts. You can put some comments for every collection and for every font from collections, rename or move collections in Collections tree.

Select Browse..collectionsb1Collections tab.

Create new collection:

collectionsb2 Press Add new.. button, select type of collection(Main or Child), put some name for collection and new collection is ready to use.


collectionsb3Add fonts into the collection:

1. Select one or more fonts(hold down CTRL or SHIFT taster) from the Font Samples  and right - click mouse button to open popup-menu.

2. In the bottom of management menu is item with "Add to Collection collectionsb4" caption.All created collections are listed as sub menus of "Add to Collection collectionsb5" item.Simply select collection and selected fonts will be add into the collection.

If Collection tree is empty, "Add to Collection collectionsb6" item is not visible.

In the bottom of Collection tree is notepad where you can write some comments about selected Collection or selected font from collection.

collectionsb7Remove Collection:

Select collection that you want to remove and press "Remove" button.If collection contain fonts, warning message will be displayed before removing.