Filter - Search Fonts

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FontExplorerL.M. contains powerful Search & Filter engine which enables you to find specific font very fast.

1. Select where you want to search font(s):

From currently selected folder in Browse.. view or from some other folder( filtersearchfontsb1 button), in Fonts folder (Windows\Fonts),or from Database .


2. Define Filter options:

filtersearchfontsb2 Font type (by default, all types are checked).If you want specific font type, uncheck the others.

filtersearchfontsb3 Font Family (by default, all types are checked).If you want specific family type, uncheck the others.

filtersearchfontsb4 Advanced filter (not affect on Database fonts). There you can select style and weight,  number of characters, kerning pairs, character sets or copyright notices of the font you want to find.

3. Define font name or text included in font names or font file names. "Any text" means any font.


4. Finally, press Start search button to find specific font(s).


Reset all button set default values.




filtersearchfontsb5 Note! The fastest way to find font is from Fonts Database.