FontExplorerL.M. Help


fontnamesb1Font family..

The font family shows which family the font belongs to, e.g. Arial Bold, Arial Bold Italic and Arial Italic would all belong to the Arial font family.


fontnamesb2Font full name

This is usually a concatenation of the font family and the style, e.g. Arial with a style of Bold Italic would typically have Arial Bold Italic as it's full name.


fontnamesb3Installed Fonts

All fonts recorded  in the Windows registry and added into Windows font table are Installed(System) fonts.They are usually located in WINDOWS\FONTS folder(not necessary). At startup Windows automatically loads all fonts that are listed in the registry.


fontnamesb4Uninstall Fonts

When you uninstall an installed font, it will be removed from Windows registry and from Windows fonts table. FontExplorerL.M. remove font files into the "Uninstalled fonts" folder ({path to the FontExplorerL.M.}\Uninstalled Fonts)


fontnamesb5Loaded Fonts

Loaded fonts are, basically, temporary installed fonts into the Windows font table.They are available in all Windows applications but only until reboot Windows system.Loaded(Temporary installed) fonts with FontExplorerL.M. are loaded into the Windows fonts table only if FontExplorerL.M. running.All loaded fonts( loaded by FontExplorerL.M.) will be removed from Windows fonts table at FontExplorerL.M. closing.


fontnamesb6Unloading Fonts

When you unload an loaded font, it will be removed from Windows fonts table.FontExplorerL.M. perform Unload procedure only on fonts Loaded by FontExploererL.M., because is known where the font files are located.

fontnamesb7Delete Fonts

When you delete an installed font, it will be removed from Windows fonts table (unloaded), registry entries will be removed and font file moved into the Recycle Bin.