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settingsb1Settings & Options, or press F8 key...

settingsb2General tab..



settingsb3Minimize to systray: If application is minimized, you can restore it from systray.Default is unchecked.

  settingsb4Remember last active folder: At FontExplorerL.M. startup it open up last active folder in Browse..>Folders view. Default is checked.

settingsb5Show hidden folders: Shows all folders in Browse..>Folders view, even if folder attributes include" hidden".Default is unchecked.

settingsb6Hide splash screen: Hide FontExplorerL.M. startup splash screen.Default is unchecked.

settingsb7 Refresh database automatically

If this option is checked, any font management action is automatically recorded into the database.Default is checked.

settingsb8 Unload loaded fonts on exit

If this option is checked, fonts loaded with FontExplorerL.M. will be unloaded on FontExplorerL.M. exit, else loaded fonts will be loaded into system until you reboot windows.Default is checked.


settingsb9Font Management tab...



settingsb10Install fonts to folder..

settingsb11Windows fonts folder:

During the font installation, font file will be copied into the Windows\Fonts folder. Font ExplorerL.M. add registry entries for Windows\Fonts location.

settingsb12Leave it in default font file folder:

FontExplorerL.M. only add registry entries for current location.At next Windows startup, font will be loaded from this location.

Note: If you delete that file manually from Windows, registry entries will not be removed.

settingsb13Your Folder...

FontExplorerL.M. Copy font to "Your folder" and add registry entries for new location.At next Windows startup, font will be loaded from this location.Default folder for this option is <path to FontExplorerL.M.>\Installed Fonts.

Note: If you delete that file or entire folder manually from Windows, registry entries will not be removed.

settingsb14Uninstalled fonts move to..

Uninstalled fonts folder: move file into the <path to FontExplorerL.M.> \Uninstalled Fonts after Uninstall procedure.

Recycle bin: move file into the Recycle Bin after Uninstall procedure.

Note: All deleted fonts are moved into the Recycle Bin.

settingsb15Save font management settings..

If you check this option, all changes in font management  will be saved into the program settings.ini file.Otherwise, changes will affect only for current FontExplorerL.M. session. Default is unchecked


settingsb16Repair tab...



settingsb17Repair database..

Helps you to clean your font database of invalid entries.

settingsb18Repair registry..

Helps you to clean or repair your font registry of invalid entries.

settingsb19Repair Collections..

Helps you to clean or repair your font collections of invalid entries or fix errors in collection tree.


settingsb20Text tab...



settingsb21Save Sample text: save currently active text sample as default.Default is checked.

settingsb22Horizontal scrollbar: Set Horizontal scrollbar visible or not. Default is checked(visible).

settingsb23Gradient selected color: Set gradient color for selected font from Samples view. Default is checked.

settingsb24Sample text preview mode: Select sample text preview mode: Standard -Left to Right, or Reversed - Right to Left (Arabian, Hebrew,..). Default is Standard preview.

settingsb25Show grid lines: Shows sample text within grid lines.

settingsb26 Show if font is included in Collections: Very usefully option when you organizing your fonts into collections. It helps you in bulk of fonts to detect if font is already included in collection. When this option is checked, fonts listing will be a bit slower then usual. It's recommended to uncheck this option when you finishing fonts organization into collections.

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