DIGITAL OUTPUT (HI - LOW state) component represents and control a single Arduino Device digital pin by setting LOW status (output is 0) or HIGH status (output is 1).

On component click, if serial(USB) or network connection exists, status on the selected pin will be changed.

If there is no valid connection, an error message will be displayed.

- Up and Down caption are displayed on component (editable)

Digital Properties:

- Initial status: can be 0 or 1. This is an initial pin status on the Arduino device reboot.

- Invert Output: inverts Arduino pin default status (0 to 1)

When this option is usable?

By default, on Arduino device(Uno, Nano, Mega) startup, pins status is set to LOW(0).

Many Arduino relay boards and these board are not designed only for Arduino, can be controlled by any other microcontroller, are designed that LOW status on pin (0) activate relays on a relay board, and that can be confusing when you design logic for this relay controlled by this pin.

When you invert output for this relay board, the active relay will be represented in Arduino Control Center DIGITAL component with green color. Also, when you click on component which is green and represent active relay, you will return 0 to arduino device. By default behaviour, this will trigger relay board to active status. With inverted output, sent 0 from Arduino Control Center will be inverted to 1 in Arduino device and relay will be deactivated. Also, on arduino device reboot relay will be de-activated.

Then you, basically, have displayed not arduino pin status, but relay status controlled by this pin.

You can always switch back to default behaviour by unchecking this option and re-upload configuration.

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