Components in Arduino Control Center represents Arduino PIN.

Components can be defined as OUTPUT:

-  DIGITAL (HI -LOW state control)

-  PWM (Pulse With Modulation) - sending value from 0 - 255 with slider

- TIMER (Pulse, DelayON,DelayOFF)

- COUNTER (CounterUP,CounterDown)

- RTC (Real Time Clock)

TIMER, COUNTER, RTC pins are basically DIGITAL OUTPUT pins with some additional functionalities.

- TIMER will change pin state to HIGH after certain time is elapsed (DelayON), or LOW (DelayOFF), or change state in defined interval (Pulse)

- COUNTER will change pin state to HIGH after counting number is decreased to zero, or increased to setup value.

- RTC will change state periodically according to setup time in days of the week. RTC component require RTC hardware connected to Arduino I2C pins(see supported hardware)

The OUTPUTS functionality is pretty straightforward and clear for manipulation..

NOTE: Starting from v5.0.0, there are a new elements called vDIGITAL, vTIMER and vCOUNTER. They have a exactly the same functionalities as DIGITAL, TIMER and COUNTER components, but the main difference is that these elements are not represent real(psychical) board pins. Read more HERE

Components can be defined as INPUTS. Read more HERE


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