RTC (Real Time Clock) component is basically DIGITAL OUTPUT component with some additional functionality.

But, unlike DIGITAL OUTPUT (HI - LOW state) component, status of the pin which this component represents cannot be changed manually from desktop or web.

RTC (Real Time Clock) require hardware RTC component (at this moment DS1307 or DS3231) connected on I2C pins and firmware with RTC support. Otherwise, if you try to upload to Arduino Output configuration with RTC component in Arduino Control Center, you will receive an error message from Arduino compatible device.

Scheduled time with RTC component attached to the Arduino compatible device does not depends on connection with the PC. Once configured Arduino compatible device with attached RTC hardware can work as stand-alone device.


- Set ON and OFF time which will set the pin to high and low state on scheduled time and days. Timer1 is by default enabled and at least this timer has to be setup in order to upload configuration to the Arduino compatible device. This setup will repeat endless.


- Check Enable checkbox and set ON and OFF time which will set the pin to high and low state according to preset time and days. This setup will repeat endless.

- Invert Output: change pin status behaviour inside the Arduino compatible device if required. By default is unchecked.

- Enable-Disable Timer: has to be checked on Upload to Arduino or scheduled time will be ignored in Arduino compatible device firmware. You can always enable -  disable timer and Upload to Arduino this setup changes. Serial(USB) or network connection is required.

Check Upload to Arduino and Save in order to save changes in the device.


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