TIMER component is basically DIGITAL OUTPUT component with some additional functionality.

But, unlike DIGITAL OUTPUT (HI - LOW state) component, status of the pin which this component represents cannot be changed manually from desktop or web.

Status of Arduino pin will change after certain time elapse and that functionality is built-in arduino when you upload configuration for this pin as TIMER.

- Right click on TIMER component, click Edit menu item opens up Edit Timer form:

Timer type(required):

- PULSE: change pin status form low to high repeatedly according to preset value and timer base.

- DelayON: change pin status from low to high after a certain time has elapsed(preset value * timer base)

- DelayOFF: change pin status from high to low after a certain time has elapsed(preset value * timer base)

- Invert Output: change pin status behavior inside the Arduino device if required. By default is unchecked.

Timer values(required):

- Preset value: from 1 to 6550

- Timer base: 1, 0.1, 0.01 sec

Calculated time is preset value * timer base and you can see time calculation immediately.

- Enable Timer pin: in order to set timer active or not, any DIGITAL OUTPUT pin (except PWM) can be set as enable pin. HIGH status of this pin will enable timer, low state will deactivate timer and reset the timer value to default. Component for this pin has to be created and uploaded to the Arduino device. Only created DIGITAL OUTPUT components will be listed in drop-down list.

Check Upload to Arduino and Save in order to save changes in the device

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