Font Samples view is always visible.

It shows font samples from folders, database,collections or filtered fonts with Filter - Search engine, depends of currently Active view.

Each font preview contains info line and font preview with currently selected Sample text.

Info line:

1. Image which represent font type.

2. Font file name.

3. Font full name.

4. Font family name.

5. Font status:

    graphic Installed(System): Font file location is Windows\Fonts folder and the name of the font and file name are recorded into the Windows registry.

    graphicFont file location is current file path and the name of the font and file path are recorded into the Windows registry.

    graphicInstalled Already: Font with the same name and file name already installed. Not allowed to install before removing similar font.

    graphicLoaded(temporary) installed: Font is temporary installed by FontExplorerL.M. and it's not recorded into Windows registry.It can be unloaded by FontExplorerL.M., or will be removed from Windows fonts table at FontExplorerL.M. closing. Install..uninstall and other 

.. font preview with with currently selected Sample Text.






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