Lanmisoft Automation

„Turn your cheap FTDI relay boards and Maxim Dallas temperature sensors into powerful automation system...and enjoy it!!!“

Control relays and sensors from any device - PC, laptop, tablet, notebook or smartphone from your favorite web browser with CSS3 and HTML5 support(all modern browsers)!

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Lanmisoft Automation

Desktop interface:

Lanmisoft Home Automation preview

Lanmisoft Home Automation is windows and web application which is characterized by low CPU and memory consumption.

Depending on the connected hardware, you can create complex automation system without any knowledge about parallel or serial circuits, logic circuits or logical operators.
In order to connect to relay boards and sensors via web browser, desktop application should running with activated built-in internal web server.

Web interface:

Lanmisoft Home Automation preview

Starting from version 3, you can access, control and monitor connected devices via web browser.
It means that you can connect to hardware through any web browsers - Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Safari from any device - Desktop PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, running with any operation system - Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android.
In order to use web interface, on target PC(Windows) with connected hardware should be active desktop application with activated internal web server.


• Web interface with responsive design Quick start quide
• Low memory and CPU consumption
• Multi-threaded, does not freezing windows during 1-wire sensors reading process
• Easy to create the program and set conditions for relays (wizard style), special knowledge is not required
• Drag’n’Drop sensors and relays on image which represent automation system
• Temperature data acquisition with advanced charting options - both in desktop and in web application
• E-mail notifications on hardware or software failure
• Measurement values database storage - MySQL, MSSQL, Local database(default)

Working modes:

Sensors mode – you have only DS18B20 1-wire sensors attached to the PC. Desktop application is completely FREE with all features for personal use.
Web application has 10 min. session time limit.
Relays mode – you have only FTDI FT245R relay board. Unlimited time demo. Limitation will be removed on purchasing full version. Web application has 10 min. session time limit
Both – you have both relay board and sensors. Unlimited time demo. Limitation will be removed on purchasing full version. Web application has 10 min. session time limit

Demo limitation - You cannot save created program, all relay conditions has to be re-created. Sensors mode in desktop application doesn't have any limitation, web application has 10 min. session time limit

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Denkovi Easy Home Control KIT - 1

Our partner Denkovi Assembly Electronics LTD offers you  "Easy Home Control KIT - 1" consisting of 1 x USB Four Channel SPDT Relay Board, 1 x USB One Wire Converter, 4 x DS18S20 Temperature sensors and License for Lanmisoft Automation Software.
This kit basically is for users which would like to control electrical devices based on temperature values of the sensors or software timers, pulses and schedules. Getting this KIT you are receiving automatically 15% discount!

Denkovi hardware and Lanmisoft Automation software

How to start configure desktop application by Denkovi

Web controlling relays and sensors by Denkovi

8 channel relay board

Denkovi USB Eight Channel Relay Board
There is a lot solutions for relay boards based on FT245R chip, but we recommends as a perfect combination with our software Denkovi USB to One Wire interface adaptor, USB Four(4) Relay Output Module, USB Eight Channel Relay Board for Automation.

There are high quality relay cards with relays RAS-12-15 or JQC-3FC/T73 (depending on your choice).
Relay cards is fully tested and it's compatible with our software.
For connecting 1 wire sensors we are recommends you Denkovi USB to 1 wire sensors interface