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You can pay program license to our distributor ShareIt (Greensburg/U.S.A, Köln/Germany - Share-it® is a registered trademark of Digital River GmbH), and we will send you a registration code. ShareIt accepts credit cards, bank/wire transfer, checks or cash. PayPal payments is also supported!

phones:+1-724-850-8186 (ShareIt customer support)
+49-221-31088-20 (ShareIt Germany, 9am - 5pm CET)


- You will receive your registration code by e-mail within 24 hours after your payment is confirmed by ShareIt!.
If you do not receive your registration file within a reasonable amount of time (usually two business days), please notify us! We apologize for any inconvenience caused by such delays. - If you have questions about the program please ask us.

- If you have question about ordering please ask: ShareIt! Inc., PO Box 844,Greensburg, PA 15601-0844,

SPECIAL OFFER!Buy pre-release version for LIFETIME upgrades!

Until final v1.0.0 version, Lanmisoft offers you to buy now pre-release version which entitles you to LIFETIME UPGRADES for all future version of Arduino Control Center software(single user owner for all connected Arduino devices).
When final release comes out, there will be several versions of Arduino Control Center, with different price ranges and features. Main difference will be in in number of Arduino devices allowed in application, upgrades will be limited to current major release(minimum of one year), Arduino devices only in LAN, some advanced features will be disabled...

This is single-user license and you can install full version of Arduino Control Center on TWO computers (eg.PC and laptop).

Note!Not included with this purchase!

This license not include version for MULTI-USERS control - connected devices with different users-owners!

Price: 59$, Buy now!