Arduino Control Center

Supported Hardware

Currently supported hardware:

Arduino boards:

- Arduino NANO
- Arduino UNO
- Arduino MEGA

Ethernet controllers:

- Microchip ENC28J60 boards and shields
- Wiznet W5100 boards and shields
- Wiznet W5500 boards

Digital sensors:

- 18S20, 18B20 temperature sensors
- DHT11 temperature, humidity sensors
- DHT21, DHT22 temperature, humidity sensors
- BMP180 temperature, pressure sensor
- BMP280 temperature, pressure sensor
- BME280 temperature, pressure, humidity sensor
- BH1750 light sensor
- ML8511 UV sensor

Analog sensors:

- LDR, TEMT6000 light sensor
- LM35 temperature sensor
- Any other 3-wire(VCC,GND,Signal) analog sensor 3.3V or 5V, 10bit resolution (supported math conversion for measured values from 0..1023 to calculated value)

Supported elements:

- ON - OFF outputs manually with Desktop and Web interface
- PWM (Pulse With Modulation) outputs with Desktop and Web interface
- Timers - ON delay, OFF delay, Pulse
- Counters - UP counter, Down counter