For simple testing at local machine, read topic Quick start.


In your home network, depending of configuration, you can access to web page like from an example described bellow:


Address of my PC ,with Lanmisoft Automation software and connected relay boards and sensors, connected to TPLInk router:




We assumed that you're already configured connection parameters and started Lanmisoft Automation web server. If you're not, go to Quick start topic.


In this example(just an example!), with TPlink wireless router, address for accessing web page(default port 8080) from other PC, laptop or phone within local network(cable or wireless) will be


You cannot access to Lanmisoft Automation web interface with this address outside of local network. In order to do that, you must have a fixed IP address (buy it from your internet provider), or you can use free (or cheap) DNS services


In short, Domain Name Service (DNS) is the Internet system that translates human-understandable hostnames (like into computer-understandable IP addresses (like and back again.


No-IP - DNS service:

Click here start with No-IP DNS service started guide which will walk you through all the basic steps to getting going with this service

DynDNS - DNS service:

Click here start with DynDNS DNS service


If you have problem with accessing web page, it maybe problem with firewall.

Trobleshooting with routers and firewall

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