The project Lanmisoft Home Automation is based on relay board  with FTDI FT245R USB to parallel FIFO chip, and Maxim1-wire temperature sensors.

Lanmisoft Home Automation is multi-threaded application which is characterized by low CPU and memory consumption. Depending on the connected hardware, you can create complex automation system without any knowledge about parallel or serial circuits, logic circuits or logical operators.




  • Web interface with responsive design
  • Low memory and CPU consumption
  • Multi-threaded, does not freezing windows during 1-wire sensors reading process
  • Easy to create the program and set conditions for relays (wizard style), special knowledge is not required
  • Drag’ and ’Drop sensors and relays on image which represent automation system
  • Temperature data acquisition with advanced charting options - both in desktop and in web application
  • E-mail notifications on hardware or software failure
  • Measurement values database storage - MySQL, MSSQL, Local database(default)

The program has three working modes:


  •  Sensors mode: you have only DS18B20 or DS18S20 1-wire sensors
  •  Relays mode: you have only FTDI FT245R relay board
  •  Both: you have both relay board and sensors

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