1.1 W5500 library added

  1.11 Fixed PWM bug

  2.0 RTC timers, changed size of  OUTPUTS array stored in EEPROM


- Changed INPUTS array size in order for easier support sensors.

- Add Ultrasonic library,Thermocouple(MAX6675) sensors, I2CSlave communication support.

- Updated setup options for already supported sensors(DHT,DS18B20,BMP180,BMP280,BME280...).

- Expanded Analog Input setup(map, map-float function).

- Default measurement values can be changed for temperature and distance sensors(Celsius - Fahrenheit, Centimetres - Inches).

  3.1 HTU21D Temperature Humidity sensor add

  3.11 LIS3DH triple axes accelerometer sensor add

  3.12 XOR, XOR NOT logic support, program without these functions will continue to work without update

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