For first program in Arduino Control Center we will use standard blinking led example.

IMPORTANT: We assumed that you have configured Arduino UNO board like in previous chapter. If not, go to Setup Device in ArduinoControlCenter chapter and follow instructions.

Arduino Uno has led connected to pin D13, so for this example you still don't need any additional hardware.

1. Select pin D13 from pin list for selected Arduino device, in this case our Test UNO board. Double click will open Input - Output setup window

2. For this purpose, we will use TIMER component as Output element. This mean that led diode connected to pin D13 will control this component.

3. TIMER component must have Digital Input or Output component which control Start and Stop TIMER. In this case, we will add Digital component assigned to pin D4

4. Right click on TIMER component -> click Edit menu. Setup TIMER component Enable pin to D4, setup preset time to 1sec, Timer Type to PULSE.

5. Upload configuration to Arduino UNO by selecting Upload Output configuration to Arduino menu

6. If Upload fails, try again. After successful upload, D4 OUTPUT component will control TIMER - HIGH state timer running(led blinking), LOW state TIMER stopped(disabled)

IMPORTANT: Digital OUTPUT pin D4 is like software switch in this case. You don't have to attach any device to this OUTPUT, but this switch control D4 pin states! You cannot use this pin for any other purpose, except as DIGITAL OUTPUT.

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