Digital sensors:

- Switches, Buttons, Push Buttons,...

- 18S20, 18B20 temperature sensors

- DHT11 temperature, humidity sensors

- DHT21, DHT22 temperature, humidity sensors

- BMP180 temperature, pressure sensor

- BMP280 temperature, pressure sensor

- BME280 temperature, pressure, humidity sensor

- BH1750, TSL2561 light sensors

- ML8511 UV sensor

- MAX6675 Thermocouple sensor

- Ultrasonic Ranger sensors SR04,SRF05,SRF06

- HTU21D Temperature and Humidity sensor

- LIS3DH Three axes linear accelerometer

- LM75 compatible Temperature sensors -LM75, LM75A, LM75B, LM75C, TMP75, TMP175, TMP275...

- QMC5883L three-axis magnetic sensor

Analog sensors:

- THERMISTOR libraries for the following circuit: +5 o-----NTC 10K ---ANALOG PIN---10K---o GND

- LDR, TEMT6000 light sensors

- LM35 temperature sensor

- Any other 3-wire(VCC,GND,Signal) analog sensor 3.3V or 5V, 10bit resolution (supported math conversion for measured values from 0..1023 to calculated value)

The list with supported hardware and sensors is regularly updated HERE.

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