Users Management is feature available only in  Arduino Control Center PRO version.

By default, all versions have one default "local" user. This means that all Arduino devices added to the Arduino Control Center system have only one user for all devices.

In the PRO version, there is a feature to assign each Arduino device to a different user.

What is the benefit of this?

Let us say that you have your own Arduino(ATmega328P, Atmega2560) devices(products) on different locations and controlling - sensing different sorts of systems. You can control all devices from one ACC application, and you want each device data can see only users from a specific location. Or you simply don't want that all web users can see all devices in the Arduino Control Center system. 

If you renting this kind of system, as an Arduino Control Center administrator you can always restrict access to any user of this device.

While you set up a device and assign device ID to the user, in web interface this user will see and be able to trigger Outputs only for his devices.

Furthermore, this user is a web administrator for his devices and can add other users as Standard or Administrator users, depends if he wants to allow users to trigger device Outputs or not. 

Username is a mandatory field, all other fields are required but for your personal administration.

As an administrator, you can change the user for any device with a few steps from Arduino Control Center desktop application:

- Double click on the device in the devices list in order to open Device Properties dialog:

- Select the user and click on the Save button. All data stored in a database for this device will be assigned to the new user.

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