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You can pay program license to our distributor ShareIt (Greensburg/U.S.A, Köln/Germany - Share-it® is a registered trademark of Digital River GmbH), and we will send you a registration code. ShareIt accepts credit cards, bank/wire transfer, checks or cash. PayPal payments is also supported!

phones:+1-724-850-8186 (ShareIt customer support)
+49-221-31088-20 (ShareIt Germany, 9am - 5pm CET)


- You will receive your registration code by e-mail within 24 hours after your payment is confirmed by ShareIt!.
If you do not receive your registration file within a reasonable amount of time (usually two business days), please notify us! We apologize for any inconvenience caused by such delays. - If you have questions about the program please ask us.

- If you have question about ordering please ask: ShareIt! Inc., PO Box 844,Greensburg, PA 15601-0844,

$29 $59 $99
Free Arduino devices programming check check check
Can be used for commercial purposes check check check
Can be activated on 2(two) devices
(Windows, Linux any combination)
check check check
FREE upgrades minimum (years)
(include upgrade for new release)
1 1 2
Maximum Arduino devices
Input - Output management,
monitoring and data acquisition
1 10+ 10+
Integrated WEB server check check check
Change output triggering rules over
check check check
Alarm e-mail and sound(windows)
check check check
Desktop and Web charts check check check
Arduino device not in LAN
(outside local(home) network)
check check check
Windows, Linux (Ubuntu 32bit) check check check
Users web access management
(read only or allow triggering devices)
cross check check
Secure web communication support
(HTTPS - http secure)
cross check check
SMS Notification(SMS Gateway)
(BulkSMS, BudgetSMS, SMSGlobal, Android REST SMS)
cross check check
MQTT support
(Arduino Control Center as MQTT client)
cross check check
Users management
(Devices with different owners, 2 years free upgrade!)
cross cross check