Arduino Control Center FULL LIFETIME plan


Software for programming and controlling Arduino and ESP devices


The LIFETIME plan is simple – pay once and upgrade and download updates for LIFETIME!
If Arduino Control Center is the perfect solution for your project – business, this pricing plan is recommended.

More about pricing plans

  •  Commercial usage
  •  Can be activated on 2 (two) PC
  •  FREE Lifetime Upgrades
  •  Maximum devices 10+
  •  Integrated WEB server
  •  Alarm e-mail and sound(windows) notifications
  •  Desktop and Web charts
  •  Devices outside the local(home) network
  •  Windows
  •  Users’ web access management
  •  Secure web communication support(HTTPS)
  •  SMS Notifications(SMS Gateways)
  •  MQTT support
  •  50+ firmware configurations
  •  Built-in firmware uploader
  •  Boolean Logic support (AND, OR, NOT, XOR,…)

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