Arduino Control Center PRO SUBSCRIPTION plan


Software for programming and controlling Arduino and ESP devices


The SUBSCRIPTION plan is simple – pay once and use paid version for LIFETIME! You can update Arduino Control Center for 4 months for free. After the subscription expires, you can use the installed version as long as you want!

More about pricing plans

  • Commercial usage
  • Can be activated on 2 (two) PC
  • Maximum devices 10+
  • Integrated WEB server
  • Alarm e-mail and sound(windows) notifications
  • Desktop and Web charts
  • Devices outside the local(home) network
  • Windows + Linux(Ubuntu)
  • User’s web access management
  • Secure web communication support(HTTPS)
  • SMS Notifications(SMS Gateways)
  • MQTT support
  • 50+ firmware configurations
  • Built-in firmware uploader
  • Boolean Logic support (AND, OR, NOT, XOR,…)
  • Users management

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