Lanmisoft Automation


  • Software for PC controlling relay boards and temperature sensors


Lanmisoft Automation – PC-controlled relays and temperature sensors
Control relays and sensors from any device – PC, laptop, tablet, notebook, or smartphone from your favorite web browser…

  • HARDWARE requirements

    FT245R relay board with FTDI FT245R USB to parallel FIFO chip.
    18B20 temperature sensors Рdigital thermometer provides 9-bit to 12-bit Celsius temperature measurements

  • Software requirements

    FTDI drivers(for relay board). D2XX drivers allow direct access to the FT245R-based relay board
    TMEX 1-Wire drivers(for sensors) allow communication between a personal computer and Maxim’s 1-Wire products.
    WINDOWS: Vista – Windows7 – Windows8 – Windows10 – Windows11…

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