Arduino Control Center


Download Arduino Control Center Free Demo, version 3.4.2

WINDOWS:Zipped package, no installation required, portable

Requirements:Windows OS, Arduino devices requirements

- Windows XP up to Windows 10
- Arduino NANO, UNO or MEGA
- Drivers (Download) for Arduino devices

Windows Download v3.4.2(zip,27MB)

Windows Installer Download v3.4.2(exe,20MB)

LINUX Ubuntu (32bit):Developed and tested on Virtual Box with Ubuntu studio, Gnome, Mate

Requirements:Linux OS, Arduino devices requirements

- Ubuntu 17.04 32bit, 18.04 32bit (not tested on previous versions)
- Arduino NANO, UNO or MEGA

Linux Ubuntu (32bit) Download v3.4.2(zip,25MB)

- Read "READ ME FIRST!!!.txt" from archive package, issues mostly related to Ubuntu missing libraries required for Arduino Control Center

Demo limitations:Notice about limitations in free demo version

- WEB server, UDP server(Arduino devices listener) have session time limit. Serial (USB) communication will be closed after certain idle time.
- All programs created and uploaded to arduino device are fully functional when the device is connected or disconnected from pc. Data preview, receiving and data acquisition will be interrupted randomly.
- Demo version will expire after certain period of time, but you can always download latest demo version for free.
- Visible info about free demo version

Updating Application Instructions

Release notes:

3.4.2 version is released
- I2C Slave communication changes in firmware, info if feature is available in current firmware
- Bug fixed:Not all I2C supported sensors are listed on adding new input component
- Refreshed firmware packages to v3.16

3.4.0 version is released
- Added support for TSL2561 luminosity (light) sensor
- Refreshed firmware packages to v3.15 with TSL2561 sensor support
- Bug fixed (firmware): I2C Slave communication initialization failed. Due the small flash storage, I2C slave communication is not available in most of the UNO-NANO firmware.

3.3.0 version is released
- Support for THERMISTOR libraries, circuit: +5 o-----NTC 10K ---ANALOG PIN---10K---o GND
- Refreshed firmware packages to v3.14 with THERMISTOR sensors support

3.2.6 version is released
- Added support for LM75 compatible Temperature sensors -LM75, LM75A, LM75B, LM75C, TMP75, TMP175, TMP275...
- Refreshed firmware packages to v3.13 with LM75 sensor support
- Bug fixed: Temperature charts in Fahrenheit

3.2.5 version is released
- Updated "Add New device" wizard, simplified for new users
- Minor bugs fixed, not affected on software stability

3.2.2 version is released
- Added support for XOR (XOR NOT) logic function for OUTPUT RULES
- Refreshed firmware packages to v3.12 with supported XOR logic, firmware update required(if XOR logic used for new rules)

3.2.1 version is released
- Added support for LIS3DH Three axes linear accelerometer
- Refreshed firmware packages to v3.11 with new LIS3DH sensor support
- Bug fixed: switch in Rule show additional setup, should be only HIGH and LOW status

3.2.0 version is released
- Added support for HTU21D Temperature and Humidity sensors
- Refreshed firmware packages to v3.1 with new HTU21D sensor support
- Bug fixed: BMP180 access violation error(broken backward compatibility)
- Bug fixed: Delete and Upload component always refresh OUTPUT configuration

3.1.1 version is released
- Open - Close serial(USB) connection button on each tab
- Updated firmwares packages (firmware 3.0)
- Help files (links) updated

3.1.0 version is released
- Live preview data from Arduino devices in web interface (not last written in database)
- Help files (links) and icons updated

3.0.0 - 3.0.5 version is released, major changes and new features
- MQTT protocol supported, easy setup Arduino Control Center as MQTT client(tested with several MQTT Broker servers)
- MAX6675 Thermocouple sensor support
- Ultrasonic Ranger sensors SR04,SRF05,SRF06
- Master-Slave I2C communication (One Master and 2 slave devices)
- Arduino code for setup Slave device to send data to ACC - Lanmisoft Arduino GitHub
- Arduino ANALOG MapRange function(float, integer values) for better analog sensors adjusting
- Digital sensors setup improvements
- Measurement sensor value units in firmware, not as display only in application
- Arduino ID Changer option(Tools - Change Arduino ID)
- By default, all new devices are ready to write data to database. Only components has to be enabled or disabled for writing values from Arduino to database
- Many code improvements, updated application menus an icons
- Bugs fixed, help links and icons updated (3.0.1 - 3.0.5)

- IMPORTANT NOTICE (from major version 1 or 2): Update Arduino firmware for each device and re-upload Output, Input and Rules data. BACKUP entire Arduino Control Center folder!

2.3.0 - 2.5.4 version is released
- Fixed bug - measurement data stored in database regardless of component setup
- Digital sensors decimal places setup (0-2) for storing measurement data in database
- GUI updates
- Web interface update - web server informations(server version, OS, memory, HD, CPU). FULL and PRO version.
- Updated database manager application
- Updated font-awesome icon collection(web inteface)
- Server log page, web interface (accadmin only)
- SMS setup updated (tested Android REST SMS Gateway)
- Many code improvements, minor bug fixed
- Proxy server settings added
- Statistic charts (desktop) updated, faster charts rendering
- GUI (I/O components) refreshing enable - disable option. Minimized application automatically disable components status updates
- Fixed application freeze error if not enabled default player device (Windows)
- Fixed bug - output status not change on click

2.2.0 version is released
- New application Database manager included(replicate database tables without measurement data stored in database)

2.1.0 - 2.1.7 version is released
- Web Server improvements, both client and server side
- Sqlite database improvements and setup, latest dll library included(Windows)
- accadmin user web interface update (PRO version)
- Fixed bug in Linux file paths (Web interface)

2.0.3 - 2.0.6 version is released
- Updated firmware (minor changes rtc libraries)
- Minor bug fixed(wrong displaying next scheduled day in some cases)
- Minor bug fixed (splash screen on empty database, application stay minimized)
- Bug fixed - errors on application exit

2.0.2 version is released
- Added splash(startup) screen
- Updated icons and menus

2.0.1 version is released
- Added Undo and Redo in analog math expression editor
- Minor code improvements, updated icons in analog editor

2.0.0 version is released
- Added support for Real-Time Clock (RTC), supported DS1307, DS3231
- Visual daily-weekly RTC scheduler, checking last output state according to preset times on arduino reboot saved in device EEPROM
- RTC devices synchronization with system time from application
- Export-Import complete Arduino configuration from one to another Arduino Control Center application
- Software updater
- Many code improvements, updated application menu for better device handling

- IMPORTANT NOTICE (from version 1.x.x to 2.x.x): Update Arduino firmware for each device and re-upload Output, Input and Rules data. Registered users has to request new download link!
It is recommended to download demo for testing before installing latest version and BACKUP entire Arduino Control Center version folder!

1.1.0 version is released
- Added support for SMS notifications(not accessible Arduino device, input-output alarm) with SMS Gateway services. Tested and integrated support for BulkSMS, BudgetSMS, SMSGlobal.
- Support for Wiz5500 ethernet controller
- Many code improvements

1.0.0 version is released
- First official version with different pricing ranges and features for registered version